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Grassy "Oink" Art Wall


Catering Menu

Please allow 48 hours for preparation. All items can be prepared hot or cold

Feed The Beast

11-hour house smoked brisket

Half   $100 (serves 10-15)

whole   $175 (serves 20-25)

House smoked pulled pork

$15   per pound serves 2-4

Add Nathan’s hot dogs for the kiddos…or yourself we don’t judge

$8 for 4, $12 for 8


half pan = 15-20 servings as a side or 8-12 as a main

Mac n’ Cheese

Half   $35      Full   $65


Bacon   $10

Crab   $40

Ground Beef $12

Pulled Pork   $15

House Salad

arugula, pickled red onion, walnuts, blue cheese, strawberry balsamic

Half Pan   $30      Full Pan   $45


Pasta Salad

Half Pan   $30      Full Pan   $45

Baked Beans

Half Pan   $25

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