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The Pig & The Sprout

Located in Denver’s thriving Union Station neighborhood, our menu embodies the dual nature of its name. Featuring both hearty and light items, it provides thoughtful, creative seasonal fare for vegans and meat-eaters alike. Even the bar program gives a nod to this split focus – our quirky, sexy cocktails are paired to both palates. We’re proud to source ingredients locally and make items in-house whenever possible.


We designed the space to make guests feel like they’re at a casual get-together hosted by their most stylish friend. Climbing vines, antique books, garage doors that overlook two patios, sleek couches for lounging and community tables for making new friends come together to welcome guests, whether they’re wearing flip flops or a suit (or both).

The Pig & The Sprout Booth Tables

House Rules

The Pig & The Sprout Interior Photo

*Imbibe responsibly. Compared to life, loss and lock       down, a taxicab costs nothing.

*Remember, innocent grapes died for you just to make   you happy.

*If you order a Long Island Iced Tea, your fake ID better   be perfect.

*Like your mother said, “Nothing good happens after     midnight.”  Except fun. Fun  happens after midnight.

*No fighting, no pretend fighting, no talking about         fighting.

*Grumpy people will be seated in another restaurant.

*A 25% gratuity will be added to your tab if you are a       giant  pain in the ass.

*You’re a friend of the owner? Us too! He doesn’t buy     us  drinks either.

*We love our neighbors and want them to love us too.     Exit  quietly - no hootin’  or hollerin’.

*No naked dining or drinking.*

*On a serious note: We will refuse service to any guest     who seems to have had  too much to drink.

  "The Dude abides"

**some limited exceptions may be made

From the Press









Westword “The Pig and The Sprout arrives downtown”

A new neighborhood sprang up seemingly overnight between Union Station and Commons Park (trendsetter alert: Time to come up with another clever neighborhood name!). It’s home to a spacious King Soopers, a dog park and a warren of apartments, condos and offices that make you wonder exactly what city you’re in. Yes, you’re still in Denver — and evidence comes in the form of the Pig & the Sprout, a spacious new eatery now open at the corner of 19th Street and Chestnut Place

Bites with Bre “New kid on the block, The Pig and The Sprout”

Have you heard of The Pig & The Sprout? Their soft open is this Friday (June 17) and everything is phenomenal. The restaurant is two stories with an bar-lounge looking over the dining area.
Pro Tip: Don’t miss the bathrooms and the 300 Bottle under-the-stairs wine cellar.

Dining Out “The Pig and The Sprout opens in Denver”

One of the biggest compliments that Andy Ganick had ever received regarding his pig-centric restaurant, The Berkshire {7352 East 29th Avenue, Denver; 303.321.2010}, was oddly enough from a vegetarian. Even though she, and her entire table, identified as vegetarian, they loved the meaty entrées served at the restaurant. Although it’s quite the feat to switch someone from sprout to swine, this interaction inspired Ganick to finally create his dream restaurant that would satisfy all.

Eater Denver

Andy Ganick, owner of Stapleton’s popular Berkshire Restaurant, launched his second Denver venture, The Pig and The Sprout. Located at 1900 Chestnut Street, the new eatery features a playful menu that plays on the dual nature of the name – with both hearty and light items, from house-ground hamburgers to Colorado striped bass crudo, and from crispy buffalo pig tails to warm cauliflower and farro salad.

Eater Maps: Best Summer Cocktails

Zagat: Denver’s 16 most anticipated openings for summer

Although this Union Station arrival will follow in the cloven hoofsteps of its popular pork-centric sibling, The Berkshire, the name honors its focus on plants as well as meat. Picture crispy buffalo pig tails and smoked brisket po’ boys; striped bass crudo and tofu French dips. There’s also avocado or pork-fat ice cream (really). Per the motto — “Eat hearty, eat light, drink always” — this place will have something for everyone.

Rocky Mountain Food Report “Pig out or graze: A first look at The Pig and The Sprout”

Outside of Coors Field, amidst the rapidly burgeoning luxury apartments on the corner at 1900 Chestnut Place, sits The Pig & the Sprout. It’s the latest effort from owner Andy Ganick, famous for his “bacon restaurant” The Berkshire. Look up at the building and you’re greeted by a smiling pig with a budding plant beneath its feet. “This restaurant is about balance,” Ganick told the Food Report at a recent preview event in advance of the restaurant’s opening

Denver Life Magazine: “Pig out at this new Union Station neighborhood eatery”

“When we opened the Berkshire a woman came up to me one day and said, ‘I have to tell you, we love your restaurant.’ I said thank you so much, that’s great! And she said, ‘No no no, you don’t understand: My family and I are vegetarians.’ And sort of the lightbulb went off that although I wanted to be about bacon and pork with that place, having the balance and having something for everyone seemed like a good idea,” says Andy Ganick, owner of the new The Pig & the Sprout and The Berkshire.

Andy Ganick the Owner of The Pig & The Sprout

Andy Ganick, Owner

When Andy first began developing the concept for The Pig & the Sprout over a decade ago he envisioned a modern neighborhood spot, airy and inviting, where the cocktails are always tasty, quirky and strong and the menu’s split personality (“Pig” and “Sprout”) caters to meat eaters, vegans and everyone in between.


He spent six years bartending and managing The Red Lion in Vail (i.e. drinking Jagermeister and hitting on his now-wife) before relocating to Philadelphia, where he served as bar manager at Starr Restaurant Group‘s Continental Midtown; manager and bar manager at Cantina Los Caballitos; and bartender at Amada, Iron Chef Jose Garces’ flagship restaurant. Armed with well-rounded industry experience, Andy returned to Colorado in 2007 to open The Berkshire Restaurant, a Stapleton Town Center mainstay that has been serving up “Swine, Wine and a Good Time” ever since.


Andy is really proud that The Pig & the Sprout is finally a reality. You can find him there most nights working the expo line or chatting it up with regulars and newcomers. Aside from his restaurants, Andy loves bacon, his wife and daughter, Widespread Panic, snowboarding and the Red Sox – not necessarily in that order.

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