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SLAY, SLAY, SLAY - Last Night's Hurricane Relief/Halloween Party Was Epic!

We're big believers in throwing our Halloween parties ON HALLOWEEN. I mean, so what if it's a Tuesday? These beers aren't gonna drink themselves. So last night we threw the biggest, baddest Halloween party in the neighborhood and Denver, you really BROUGHT IT.

Skeleton drinking temperanillo, NBD.

The costumes were seriously sick - did you guys take off work all day yesterday to make those? As someone who harbors a white-hot rage for people who go to Halloween parties on Halloween and don't dress up, I'm happy to report that my ire was not drawn last night - you really went all out. What a showing!

Mr. Worldwide...

The staff dressed up. The guests dressed up. There was music, and mayhem, and a whole lotta shots. And hey, it was all for an amazing cause! Ok, several good causes, if you call getting multiple people to do the worm and going through enough Fireball to drown a zombie army "good causes."

The Barichs. I can't decide who's scarier

We raised some serious moolah for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, and we have you to thank for it! We're donating proceeds from each Hurricane drink we sold last night - and we sold A LOT of Hurricane drinks - to The Bravo Family Foundation, an amazing organization whose founder has already pledged $10 million of his own money to help rebuild Puerto Rico. They've already chartered planes to PR to bring supplies like water purifiers, food, clean water and hospital equipment directly to the towns and villages that need it most. So, if you got drunk at the Pig & The Sprout last night and woke up feeling not-so-hot, you can at least feel good about the fact that your hard-earned partying dollars are going to be put to good use.

Ben + Chase = Canadian Bacon!

DJ D'Vinyl (@somethingvinylclub) spun sick tunes all night and got everyone dancing. We loved him and can't wait to have him back for the next bash! Curious George (that would be our owner, Andy Ganick) judged our midnight costume contest. The winners? These two awesome nutjobs!

First prize winner Parker Lowry (left), our owner Andy Ganick and second prize winner Natalie Turner

The brave Parker Lowry (on the left, ensconced in gold), won the top prize for his Oscar statue, for which he donned golden shorts and full-body gold paint and took home a 50 inch TV for his considerable efforts. From the weird and wonderful mind of Natalie Tucker, our 2nd prize winner, we have "Attacked by Ravens," which is funny in this photo but was effing hilarious in person. Natalie received a complimentary 25-person party on The Pig & The Sprout's mezzanine.

Thanks for making some great memories and raising money for a great cause, Denver! Can't wait til next year!

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