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St. Patrick's Day: The Holiday We All Need Right Now

As the Irish say, “ní bhíonn in aon rud ach seal”: nothing lasts forever. After this slog of a year, when Uncertainty moved in just as his vivacious cousin, Spontaneity, disappeared, these words didn’t mean much. But as the first warm breezes of spring sweep through Denver, nosing through car windows and rousing us from our COVID-19 comas, it feels like we're finally awakening from some unsettling, collective dream. It’s propelling us off our couches and sending us outside, sallow-skinned and squinting, to turn our faces toward the sun and inhale, eyes closed. The days of cold drinks on The Pig & The Sprout’s patios are finally in our sights, with the heady prospect of a pandemic-free future slowly materializing on the horizon. Every single person in Denver needs an excuse to celebrate right now. As the luck of the Irish would have it, we’ve got one: St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th!

Falling just three days before the official first day of spring, St. Paddy’s Day 2021 will be more than the green beer-soaked shenanigans of years past. It will be our coming-out party, a grudging nod to 2020 as it recedes in our rear view, with a (green) pint raised defiantly to the year ahead. We may still be wearing our masks, but our eyes – Irish and otherwise – will be smiling as we ring in the spring.

The Pig & The Sprout intends to start the festivities early and keep them rolling through St. Patrick’s Day. YES, there will be green mimosas. YES, the Irish tunes will be playing. YES, we’ll be wearing green. YES, we stocked up on Guinness and Jameson. And, YES, we can’t wait to see all our favorite lads and lassies! Here's what we have in store for The Pig & The Sprout’s 2021 St. Paddy’s schedule (you can also find them featured in The Westword's Best Food and Drink Events this week):

  • “Kegs and Eggs” starts at 9 am on March 17 with our full brunch, including our famous Corned Beef Hash featuring Justin Brunson’s River Bear corned beef, breakfast potatoes, onions, peppers, and two eggs your way.

  • We’re serving up two all-day St. Paddy’s Day specials Saturday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 17: an out-of-this-world Open-faced Reuben on a Potato Latke and a classic Corned Beef and Braised Cabbage platter with roasted potatoes and root vegetables.

  • Our favorite beers will be flowing including Guinness and ¡Venga! from Cervecería Colorado dyed green along with green bottomless mimosas.

Cheers to you and yours this St. Patrick’s Day and every day! May your hangover be brief, and the only thing you regret in the morning! But even if it’s not, drink plenty of water and remember: nothing lasts forever.


The Pig & The Sprout is proud to be a member of Denver’s Five-Star Certification Program. Click here for more information about the certification and our COVID-19 safety protocols.


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